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Your efficient partner for handling dangerous goods and dangerous substances

When dealing with dangerous goods and substances, maximum safety is essential. To achieve that level of safety calls for specialist know-how in the field. If you're looking for end-to-end transportation of dangerous goods, T&E Gefahrgutlogistik offers wide-ranging expertise in planning and implementing all kinds of logistics services.

We offer a complete service worldwide for the transport and handling of all kinds of dangerous goods, and can support you with sound advice on organisational, technical and legal matters.

In addition to our core business of medical logistics and administering the transportation of dangerous goods and substances used in industry and research, we also make our certified expertise available to you by providing personnel and independent experts, and assisting you with operational training.

Whatever questions you may have about dangerous goods and substances or about waste disposal, you can turn to us with confidence and rely on our customised, bespoke solutions.

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